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Holding patterns

Essays by Alasdair Cannon

A powerful antidote to our saddest deficit—the dearth of hope and faith.

Yanis Varoufakis

Holding Patterns is a unique blend of memoir, cultural criticism, psychoanalysis and Nabokovian wordplay, that takes aim at everything from R U OK? Day to Obama’s foreign policy record, and that’s just the first essay. With explosive empathy, disarming candour, and inside-out self-reflection, Cannon dissects some of the deepest problems of the late industrial subject and the society it dwells in, always with an eye to the fleshy person beneath the accretions of our late technological world. Featuring dazzling wordplay, deep intertextuality and a few  hidden side quests, Holding Patterns is a debut to savour for lovers of Wallace, Beckett, and other authors attuned to the foundational paradoxes of our time. Alasdair Cannon is a powerful new Australian voice.

You can purchase a copy of Holding Patterns here.