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Albany Unravelled by Steffan B. Silcox & Douglas R. G. Sellick



Albany Unravelled is a new and fascinating account of the foundation and history of the King George’s Sound/Albany region of Western Australia, written in honour of its upcoming Bicentenary in 2026. Ranging from pre-settlement, through the town’s years as a whaling port, up to just before the Great Depression, experienced local authors Steffan Silcox and Douglas R.G. Sellick paint in miniature, as it were, and adhere strictly to verifiable fact to correct both sensationalist and agenda-driven histories. It would be wrong to call Albany Unravelled merely a local history. Just as each of us lives in a village made up of the inhabitants of our daily lives, regardless of where we live, all history is in the best sense local history. In particular the story of early Australian colonisation is by necessity intimate, because the decisions of a relatively small number of people had enormous influence on the nation we were to become. As one of the earliest and most isolated settlements in Australia, Albany’s story is both representative and unique. This book is likely to remain the definitive one-volume history of the region for many decades to come.

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About the authors

Dr Steffan B. Silcox

Dr Steffan Silcox had an eclectic career in education and performed several roles while working for the Western Australian Department of Education, including Principal of Secondary School, District Superintendent, acting Executive Director of the Department of Education and District Education Director. He co-authored a book on education titled Renewing Educational Leadership which gained international attention. He was also a lecturer at Curtin University before turning his attention to historical research. Dr Silcox was a Councillor on the Albany Shire Council before it became integrated with the Albany Town Council.

Dr Silcox gained his PHD from Curtin University with ground-breaking research on Leadership and Organisational Management. His other qualifications include a master’s degree from the University of Western Australia and several degrees in the Social Sciences specialising in history and politics along with an education degree and other qualifications. He was awarded recognition for his research and leadership in Western Australian education with both state and national fellowships and was subsequently named Western Australian Secondary Principal of the year and in 2012.

Mr Douglas R. G. Sellick

Douglas R. G. Sellick is an internationally recognised history and literary researcher and anthologist. Educated in Albany and later at the London Bishopsgate Institute, Centre for the History of the Fine and Decorative Arts in conjunction with the Courtauld Institute of Art. Mr Sellick was awarded a prestigious Churchill Fellowship in 1974. After a significant career in shipping with the P&O and British India shipping lines later he worked variously in book and magazine publishing in London, New York, San Francisco, and Sydney. Mr Sellick was a Research Assistant at the Research School of Social Sciences at the Australian National University where he was also instrumental in undertaking key research for Australians: A Historical Library for the Australian National University. Later he became the Chief Librarian for Fairfax Publications in Sydney. He was a member of the working party for the 1988 Australian Bicentennial Authority Historic Records Register which is now housed in the National Library of Australia.

Mr Sellick has compiled a number of anthologies on Australian, Maritime and Albany history. For a number of years he was the Local Studies Officer with the Albany Town Library and Curator of Military History at The Princess Royal Fortress.

Douglas Sellick is committed to ensuring the accuracy of Albany’s Historical Record.



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