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Pinter’s Son Jim



Pinter’s Son Jim is Henry Lawson’s only completed play. While it has been performed a handful of times and was included in Lawson’s complete works, this edition marks its first publication as a stand-alone work, more than 100 years after its completion. A love story, detective story, slapstick comedy and tragedy rolled into one,Pinter’s Son Jimfeatures some of the best-loved recurring characters from Lawson’s short stories, most notably the irrepressible Mitchell. Featuring a new preface and “The Hero of Redclay”, a short story based on the play, this edition showcases a lesser-known, yet still vital, side of Lawson’s hymning of the men and women of outback Australia.  


Extent: 136pp

Published: April 25, 2024

ISBN: 978-0-6457768-5-0

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136 pp