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Selected Tales of Price Warung



Price Warung (1855-1911) was one of colonial Australia’s most popular fiction writers. This selection showcases the best of Warung’s gruesome tales of Australia’s penal settlement founding and sardonic yarns of early steamboat traffic on the Murray River, and includes The Secret Society of the Ring, a novella set on Norfolk Island, the darkest corner of the convict system. With a new introduction that sets Warung in the context of his time and place, this volume reintroduces his meticulously researched work to a new generation of readers.

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Price Warung was the pseudonym of William Astley (1855-1911), one of colonial Australia’s most popular fiction writers. Warung enjoyed a successful career as a journalist and regional newspaper editor before turning to fiction, publishing five collections of stories in the 1890s. His portrayals of the “convict system” heavily influenced public perception of the penal settlement origins of Australia.